Ylenia Reichenbach

Ylenia Reichenbach

Travel Consultant

Don't dream your life, live your dream.

More about me

I love nature and travelling to other regions, be it Austria or the Caribbean, gives me immense pleasure. Photography is also a great passion of mine, as I can capture my travels and remember them at any time. Through my job, I can expand my knowledge and pass it on to our customers and make wonderful holidays possible.

My World

Favorite Destinations
Germany, France, Greece, Guadeloupe, Hawaii, Italy, Canada, Morocco, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Seychelles, Spain, St. Lucia, Turkish Aegean, USA
Travel Focus
Adventure travel, Bike holidays, Mountain Holidays, Motorbike holidays, Nature travel, Nature and animal photography, Snow sports, Beach Holidays, Wildlife watching, Hiking
I am happy to advise you in
German, English, French

My journey around the world