Selina Blatter

Selina Blatter

Travel Consultant

“See the world. It's more fantastic than any dream.” (Ray Bradbury)

For me, travelling is not just a passion, but a philosophy of life. It is the art of discovery, the fascination of the unknown and the joy of adventure. I have always had a deep longing to explore the world, discover new places and experience foreign cultures. After a few trips to Europe, I took the plunge in 2022 and embarked on an unforgettable 6-month journey through Australia and New Zealand. Equipped with a campervan, I began my adventure, which took me through the breathtaking landscapes and fascinating cultures of these two countries.

From then on, I realized that after many years as a baker-pastry chef-confectioner, I had to make a fresh start in my career. A yearning for change and a passion for discovering new horizons drove me to embark on my journey into the exciting world of travel agency. Every step on this new path is an opportunity to broaden my understanding, improve my skills and discover new horizons.

As a travel consultant, it is my responsibility to understand the needs, preferences and desires of my clients and help them create their perfect travel experience. I look forward to welcoming you to our branch.

My World

Favorite Destinations
Australia, Greece, Greek islands, Italy, New Zealand, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain
Travel Focus
Camping, Mountain Holidays, Individual travel, Party holidays, Language travel, Beach Holidays, Surfen, Hiking
I am happy to advise you in
German, English

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