It is in the nature of man to travel. The curiosity to discover foreign cultures, to make new encounters and to get to know the world from a different perspective drives us into the wide world. At Reisebüro Eggenberg, however, we are also aware that vacations and the travel they entail have a negative impact on the environment. This makes it all the more important in our eyes that we take care of it. After all, an unforgettable experience in another country requires an intact natural environment and a stable socio-economic situation. Reisebüro Eggenberg incorporates these points into its vacation planning and combines them with the wishes of its customers.

Travel is a privilege that should also be enjoyed by future generations. Reisebüro Eggenberg therefore makes every effort to preserve this privilege.


Our commitment

Climate-neutral travel and CO2 compensation

Although we have often included alternative, more climate-friendly means of transport in our selection in the "Sustainable Travel" product line, these trips will also leave a CO2 footprint. To keep this within reasonable limits, we have already calculated this and included the compensation of the emissions in the price of the trip.

Climate change is one of the central challenges of the 21st century. Reisebüro Eggenberg therefore actively raises awareness among its customers and recommends offsetting emissions from air and sea travel. With myclimate, Reisebüro Eggenberg has a renowned partner for CO2 offsetting. You have the choice of offsetting the actual emissions or paying an individually selected amount into the myclimate climate fund.

At Reisebüro Eggenberg , the CO2 offsets flow into this M carbon fund, which is operated by myclimate in close cooperation with Migros. The carbon offset projects financed by the fund underpin the goal of reducing the company's own emissions in the long term and achieving the goals of the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi). myclimate is responsible for the project assessment, the calculation and monitoring of the respective CO2 savings as well as for the fund management:

Commitment to the protection of children

Unfortunately, sexual exploitation of children also takes place at many holiday destinations, mainly in Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe. Reisebüro Eggenberg condemns all violence against children and in 2003 was the first Swiss tour operator to sign the "Tourism Child Protection Code". In doing so, Reisebüro Eggenberg commits itself to raising awareness and educating travellers as well as its employees and partners about this problem.

Commercial sexual exploitation of children is a crime and punishable worldwide. Show civil courage and report any suspicious facts (What? Who? Where? When?) to the following authorities:

  • the tour guide
  • the Federal Office of Police (Fedpol) or


OceanCare has been working worldwide to protect marine animals and the oceans since 1989. Reisebüro Eggenberg has been supporting OceanCare in individual concrete projects since 2009. Since 2017, there has been increased cooperation and commitment to the protection of dolphins and whales. Dolphinaria and swimming with captive dolphins and whales are no longer actively offered in catalogues or online. There are no whale products on tours and excursions in Norway, Iceland, Canada and the USA as well as Japan. In Tromsø, northern Norway, Reisebüro Eggenberg works with operators who follow the guide for whale watching activities. OceanCare supported the development and promotion of these guidelines:

Mangelware Wasser

Tips from Reisebüro Eggenberg

Measures before a trip

At the beginning and even before booking with Reisebüro Eggenberg, it makes sense to ask yourself some basic questions about the upcoming holiday:

  • Do I want to travel by plane or are other means of transport also an option?
  • How would I like to stay? What criteria should accommodation fulfil?
  • How do I want to get around locally? What means of transport will I use?

Measures during a journey

The journey begins at the front door. If you are travelling by plane, Reisebüro Eggenberg recommends that you take the train to the airport, if flight times permit. Travelling by SBB is not only the more ecological alternative to the car, but also has the advantage that you can use the luggage service. In this case, the luggage is collected from home the evening before the journey and transported to the destination airport without having to put up with luggage on the train or deal with check-in at the airport.

Once you have arrived at your destination, Reisebüro Eggenberg recommends that you familiarise yourself above all with the local conditions with regard to transport and catering:

  • Transport: using public transport is an alternative to getting around in a taxi, even abroad.
  • Food: When on holiday abroad, it is worth visiting local, family-run restaurants. These not only offer an insight into the culture of a country, but often also a more sustainable alternative to international restaurant chains.

Other measures that Reisebüro Eggenberg recommends are the use of biodegradable care products and sun creams. In addition, avoiding take-away products when eating out is an easy way to reduce waste and lower your ecological footprint.

Since water scarcity is also becoming more and more of a problem in countless destinations, Reisebüro Eggenberg recommends being considerate in the use of water. A few simple steps can reduce water consumption during stays in hotels or while travelling. This includes hanging up hand and shower towels in hotels so that they are not washed daily by the service staff or having the room cleaned only every two to three days.

Measures after a trip

Reisebüro Eggenberg is constantly concerned with the issue of sustainability. In order to maintain the environment and thus the basis for unique holiday experiences, it requires constant adjustments and innovations that promote sustainable travel. Every holiday is an opportunity to gain new insights and improve in the area of sustainability.

Have you already gained experience on this topic during your holidays and would like to make suggestions for improvements to our sustainable commitment? Or would you like to give feedback or criticism? Then write to us. An open dialogue is important to us and a prerequisite for us to constantly improve.